Shouting into the Void

Having been a graphic designer since 1998 I, along with many creative people around my age, have been lucky enough to be instilled with the optimism of freedom. The advent of the internet in our lifetimes has offered us the chance to be designers, producers, photographers, developers, entrepreneurs and many many more wondrous things. Alongside this we are able to express ourselves however we see fit, in our own hard carved niches. We have been given tools to pour our creativity into the void, seeking feedback, fame or simply the satisfaction of a canvas.

This is mine.

Design Thoughts

Spread Too Thin

I am carrying baggage. Almost 15 years ago my flatmate, who was then studying a degree in Corporate Communication, showed me some desktop publishing that he had been doing for his course. They were looking at layout, typography and presentation to teach better communication skills. At the time I was in my first few years […]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

I count myself pretty lucky to have worked with some amazingly talented people over the last 14 years. Robbie Manson is definitely in the top five. His talk at New Adventures in Web Design is a bit of a belter in my opinion. As with any good talk it has some points that I whole […]

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Lost in Translation

Some years ago on a cruise off the African east coast I struck up conversation with an Austrian gentleman and his wife. She was a translator and as the conversation rolled between us, we began to discuss if a work of literature can truly be translated successfully. I remember sticking steadfastly to my belief that […]

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