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Fight Week: English Open NoGi 2016 - Thursday

Midweek Update

Ok, so mid week and my weight is down and holding nicely. Tuesday sucked a bit as I needed to eat almost nothing and still train but I am now sitting at a very healthy 66.5kg and the wife has prepared loads of really healthy food for the run into the competition. including the following delights:

Hemp Protein Bars

Samoa Smoothie Bowl

Who will I be fighting?

So after seeing Marc Thompson move up weight mid week I thought I might end up in Masters 1 but the provisional listing has come out and both he and Ivo Ganchev are in my category. Hopefully there will be a round robin system so we all get a chance to fight each other. Whatever happens Liam and Pat will be there and I am really looking forward to the competition. I am travelling down on Saturday and have a hotel booked, if I am really lucky the wife will be my co-pilot, however that might mean leaving Hereford at 2100... Still it looks like I am not fighting until 1345 so it's not all bad.

New Rashie and Shorts!

I decided that I needed IBJJF legal kit for this competition so I invested in the a ranked rashguard from Faixa Rua and new shorts from Aesthetic. These are both small UK based companies so I am pleased to be supporting them, although I will 100% bet the apparel will have been made in China or Pakistan... but that's for another blog post. I got the Faixa Rua rashguard through my team mate, the Chocolate Pig, Ash Amos who is sponsored by them. The guys from Aesthetic were SUPER responsive via email so I really hope the kit is good as I really liked how they handled my request... on a Sunday!

Faxia Rua - Ranked Rashguard

Aesthetic - Patterned Shorts

I'll do a review of both when the shorts arrive and after the competition.


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