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Fight Week: English Open NoGi 2016 - Saturday

The Day Before

So as usual I have been monitoring my weight and it's gone pretty well. I had a fright yesterday when I got my new NoGi shorts and they weigh 200g more than my previous ones. This means I need to be a bit more careful today but I am sitting under 67kg on my morning weigh ins. On the plus side I have had a chance to to my favourite preparation routine where I go to the sauna, hence the photo. 

How I cut weight...

So first off I believe the trick to staying on weight is not to blow up in the first place. If you monitor your weight by weighing yourself every morning and then knowing how heavy you need to be for competition you can avoid needing to run around a sportshall wrapped up like Matthew Modine in Vision Quest. If you do go over then you will know and you can react accordingly. 

However if you are cutting weight I find that the best method is to head to a sauna the day before. This morning I weighed in at 66.6kg, which is great but I know I am carrying fluid so I headed to the sauna and did five minutes in the sauna followed by a cold shower then five minutes in the steam room followed by a cold shower. Repeat this for an hour and boom! I now weigh 65.5kg. Now, obviously I need to rehydrate but I can do that slowly and I can use the rehydration process to replace a meal by drinking diluted coconut milk or a very watery smoothie with some additional supplements. Today I am trying diluted coconut milk and Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients.

Final preparation

First up is my research. The final brackets came out on Friday and I have Marc Thompson first round. Ivo Ganchev has a bye in the first round but I figure it's basically a round robin so I need to get two wins for Gold. I have done a bit of research on both but there are no real recent videos. Ivo came second in the Gi at Light Feather at the English Open 2015 and Marc is ranked number 3 senior blue belt. There is a video of Marc fighting at the Hereford Open in 2015 as a white belt and I have fought Ivo before so I have a little bit of insight, but more importantly I now have un-demonised them in my head which I like to do.

Next I need to cut my hair and beard, pack my bag, tidy the house and do some work. The hair and beard are part of my ritual as I like to feel prepared. The other things are just to take my mind off tomorrow and try to relax. Luiza and I are driving down after she finishes work tonight so I might need a nap in the afternoon but I am not fighting until 1345 so I can sleep in a bit and I rested well last night. 

Fingers crossed.

English Open NoGi 2016

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