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The Jiu Jitsu Gods' Revenge

Give a little respect...

100% no sh*t I was thinking about how to start this post in the shower and when I stepped out Erasure - Respect was on the radio. It's a sign from the Gods!

So much about Jiu Jitsu (and Martial Arts training in general) is about respect. You have to respect your body; stretch, warm up, warm down, eat well, take supplements. You have to respect yourself; tap early and often, push yourself to your limits. You have to respect your coach; listen, really listen and follow advice. You have to respect your opponent; appreciate their strengths and show respect in victory or defeat. You have to respect your training partners; it's not the Mundials every night, go at an appropriate speed, push each other and don't try to kill each other.

I've always loved the respect part of training. Because I like the mental discipline it takes to follow, also if you are respectful you start to make meaningful relationships in your training. If I am being honest, I'll also admit that I am also not very good at all of it. Which means I need to constantly remind myself of it's importance. 

I'm a believer!

When I started this blog I wanted to be totally honest so that it becomes a record for me to use to improve myself. That means the good and the bad. Last night at training the Jiu Jitsu Gods* punished my hubris. I went too hard with a training partner and during the roll felt a pain in my wrist. Now it's not too bad, and I will be able to strap it and train, however it is a reminder because I could have gone easier, I made some poor decisions and they directly lead to the injury. Luckily I injured myself and not my training partner. 

So, reminder to self: Respect your training partners!

*As with all religions it can be easier to blame a higher power but to be honest the fault usually sits with the individual. 


English Open NoGi 2016