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Fight Week: English Open NoGi 2016 - Monday

Mothers Day!

Darned Mothers Day! I had my weight nice and low and I was in good shape to just eat sensibly throughout the week this week. Then Mothers Day came along and I succumbed to a tasty pizza with the family and now I need to cut down by 500g. It's not a lot but psychologically its a pain as I was all set.

In other news I am not sure who I will be fighting. All last week I was pretty sure I would be fighting Marc Thompson from Carlson Gracie but I see he's moved up a weight class. That said there is only one person in his weight class and one person in the weight class below so who knows. There are five in Master 1 so I might be asked to go down an age, or perhaps I will need to go up one to fight Marc, or Ivo Ganchev from Mill Hill who I fought at Kleos last November might be asked to step up into Master 2... I will wait and see.

I did research Marc as I usually do so I have an idea of who I will be facing. I like to see who I am going to fight beforehand, not really to see how they fight, but just to get a sense of what they look like, otherwise I build them up into massive demons in my head. 

Training went well tonight. Good to be sparring with Merv again as he's SUPER tough and I find I have to work from the bottom a lot. I took some positives away but there are some niggles about some of my usual issues with passing half guard. Still I have plenty to try on Sunday to see what sticks.

Fight Week: English Open NoGi 2016 - Thursday

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