Training Hours/Days

I work out training days as days that I am on the mats, not total days since I started training. I take out holidays, illness, etc. For hours I do the number of days I am on the mats times 1.5, as a normal session is an hour and a half. Where I am changes how many times I train, In Hereford I train about 6 times a week, presently in Hunedoara I train 3 times a week. This gives me a decent guide to how much training I have under the belt. Originally my interest in counting these hours is because I like the 10,000 hours concept. More recently I read Ericsson's Peak and I realise that 10,000 is not a magic number, however it is interesting to count down to 10,000.

Weight Tracker

Like most folks I find cutting weight a huge stress so in 2016 I started tracking my weight every morning and ensuring I know where I am in relation to my next competition. This also helps me ensure that I am training at my most natural weight and not trying to fight at a lighter weight while training heavy.

Heart Rate Data

In 2016 I started looking at Heart Rate Data during rolls to try to get a good picture of how hard I was working in different sessions on the mats and also if I could make changes to some of my training days to push my cardio levels up. To be honest this didn't tell me much, hard rolls got my heart rate up, easy rolls didn't. In general I was hitting a pretty good level of burn (around 126 bpm) and getting close to my max heart rate (+181 bpm) during training. The most difficult part of this was wearing the Heart Rate Monitor in training, it had a tendency to fall off mid roll.

Around the same time I was looking at Heart Rate Variability as an indicator for when I should push myself. I stumbled across this when researching Heart Rate Data and downloaded the HRV4Training App ( Again I found this really interesting but often it was telling me to take a rest day when I wanted to train and telling me to train on a rest day. I think this data would probably be more useful if I was training full time. 

I did however find the data I collected interesting as a way to understand my overall fitness so I invested in a Garmin VivoactiveHR ( and now I am looking at my Resting Heart Rate as a health indicator. For my age I should be between 50-56 bpm to be seen as an Athlete. This has given me a goal of trying to get to 49-54 bpm which is the heart range for the age bracket below mine (