Rufus Spiller is a Graphic Designer and a BJJ Instructor and competitor. This site covers his thoughts on life and training.

Dear this blog,

I've had this idea for a while of changing Rufus into something that is more evenly split between the BJJ and training stuff and the rest of my life. What tipped the balance was a podcast called Heavyweight and in particular the episode Tony which followed a guy who had regrets over losing touch with his Godchildren. 

Having two Godchildren (one in the UK and one in Romania) and often thinking I could do more, be better, I started thinking about writing letters of advice. However, if I am honest, I know that I am terrible at following through on things like this. The more I thought about it the more I started thinking about a blog that could serve as letters to people I know and people I don't.

So, Dear this blog... please don't suck.