The following is a list of products that I use or am researching. BJJ is expanding at a huge rate and there are so many new products coming on the market. Add to this the plethora of training products and it can get pretty exhausting (and expensive) trying to keep up. I'll try to add a little detail to each item I own so you know what I think but, like everything, what works for me might not work for you.

Training apparel

Kingz Kimonos

My preferred Gi manufacturer. I own the Navy Competition 450 v3 (My favourite Gi! For the record Navy is Not IBJJF legal, I learned the hard way), Black Lightweight 4.0 and the Limited Edition White Sovereign. If I am EVER asked about Gi's I recommend Kingz. They fit great, are hard wearing and look great. Only the Limited Edition has ever shrunk, it still fits but it's not comp legal any more... and rubbish for ezekiel's. 

Lucky Gi

Everyone should own at least one Lucky Gi. They look and feel amazing. Mine the jacket arms are a little bit long (I plan to shorten them) but apart from that this is my special occasion Gi. I don't train in it that often because I don't want to wear it out. It's that good of a Gi. Seriously. Treat yourself. Own just one and then prize it above all others. 


I love Scramble's NoGi gear. I have owned a bunch of their rash guards including, Be Water, Ranked V1, Skruma Pocket and their Sakuraba Saku 39 and Crossed Swords Shorts. All have been good and lasted until destruction or becoming seriously unhygienic.


I am always torn between Newaza and Scramble. I own the In Jiu Jitsu We Trust tee and the Submission Seeker rashguard and both look and fit great. 

Training Equipment


The Kings of innovative training equipment. I own a SteelBell, Mace, Steel Club and Sandbag and they are all awesome. The products are well made and ensure I am never bored working out. Add to this the Onnit academy for training tips, all the supplements and you have an awesome company... shame they are only US based. Be warned Shipping is a BEAST!


The only product I am not mad keen on from Onnit are their kettlebells. I really like competition kettlebells as they are a consistent size. Woverson are, in my opinion, the best. Their competition bells look great, are consistent and feel great to work out with. If you are buying a kettlebell look at them first. 



Products I am looking at

I spend a fair amount of time researching new products as I am of the school of spend the money on something that will last. The following are a list, mostly for myself of brands and products that I am currently researching.